•  Male
  • Age 10 (7/11/2010)
  • 21# 
  • "Dry eyes" treated with daily drops, otherwise  healthy!
  • Adoption donation $250


  Roswell, Georgia

🐢 Happiest as an only pet
🏑 Someone home much of the day
🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard, preferred
πŸ’œ Older, gentle children okay

We welcomed Spanky into our care after we sprung him out of animal control where he was surrendered by his family. Spanky, DOB 7/11/2010, is 10 going on 5! He is full of energy, playfulness, and zest! This spirited boy is also now healthy and medically cleared, and ready to meet his perfect furever family!

Spanky is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. He is a healthy senior with clear knees and hips and no signs of arthritis. He is also still heart clear with no audible murmur! He does have 'dry eye' meaning that his tear production is low. This is now well managed with a twice a day tear stimulant eye drop, and an over the counter eye lubricant gel/ artificial tear. Spanky's eyes have responded so well to his drops and he should remain on them for life. All of Spanky's labwork including his fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork was normal and negative. This healthy senior has been fully vetted and just requires regular wellness checks, at this time.

Spanky's foster family describe him as fun, friendly, and inquisitive. His favorite things are going on walks, playing fetch, and receiving lots of love and attention. He is well socialized and loves to meet and greet people - happily receiving pets and love from all who are willing to give it. In true Cavalier fashion, he is also a bit needy and wants to be with you and where you are at all times. He will follow you around on your heels and is quick to claim your lap the moment you sit down. He loves doing things with you and is always up for a walk, car ride, errands, or adventures! He is a playful senior enjoying fetching and retrieving balls, chasing chipmunks, exploring in the backyard, and closely supervising the fish in the pond!

Spanky is typical in size at 21 pounds, which is his ideal weight. Like most Cavaliers, he is an enthusiastic eater and always cleans his plate. He is very food and treat motivated but will sit and wait politely while you prepare his food. His forever family must be committed to maintaining his ideal weight by continuing his strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily exercise/ activity. Spanky was shaved before he arrived into our care but his beautiful Cavalier coat and feathers are starting to grow back in. He is a gorgeous boy with a 'forever puppy' face!

Spanky has proven to be reliably potty trained in his foster home. He did some initial 'marking' the first day or two, which is totally normal and to be expected, but that quickly subsided with gentle corrections. A 'belly band' can be used initially to easily manage that. He has not had any accidents in his foster home but is taken out regularly so has plenty of opportunities to be successful. He should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between, including right after meals. While Spanky is reliable in his foster home, please know that accidents are always to be expected, especially during the transitional phase while he learns his new environment and routine.

During the day, Spanky spends his time with his foster family who is able to be with him most of day. During short, limited times that no one is home, Spanky stays in the main living area of the home which is puppy proofed and where he has plenty of freedom and comforts. Because he is well potty trained and well behaved, he does not need to be strictly confined and we do not recommend that he is. He has proven to be inquisitive with garbage cans so it is important that garbage cans are not within his reach or that have lids. At night, he would love to sleep in the big bed but sleeps soundly on a comfy dog bed right next to the big bed where he knows his people are near. He is happiest being with his people and would not do well being asked to sleep in another area of the home. That said, he would also be happiest in a home where someone can be with him much of the day and where he would have low alone hours.

While Spanky does well meeting and being social with other dogs, he prefers not to share his home and his people with another pet. He is happiest receiving all the attention and love and would thrive best being an only pet in the home. He enjoys his encounters with other dogs while out on walks and responds and engages with them very appropriately, but wants to be the king of the castle when at home! For this reason, we are only considering homes where he will be the only pet.

Spanky is an excellent leash walker and loves going on walks! He also loves the safe and secured fenced yard in his foster home where he is able to rip and roar chasing balls, hunting chipmunks, and exploring. While we prefer to find him a home with a safe and secured fenced yard, we are open to consider homes without a fenced yard who will be committed to keeping him safely on leash and providing other opportunities for him to play and enjoy his outdoor freedom.

Spanky appears to be a very well socialized and well adjusted dog. He does well meeting new people, of all ages and sizes, and is not timid or easily scared or startled by movements or noises. We feel he would do well in an adult only home or a home with older, gentle children. He would be happy being in an active family who enjoys walks, going to parks, exploring, and going on adventures where he can accompany them. He would not do well in a busy family though who wouldn't have the time to commit to him and not able to provide for him the opportunities for play, engagement, activity, and attention that he certainly wants and needs.

They say age is just a number and that is certainly the case for this young at heart, healthy, active senior boy! He is the perfect combination of energy, activity, and play, along with cuddles, snuggles, and down time. He will be a wonderful new pet and family member to his perfectly matched family! He is seeking a home with someone home much of the day, where he can be the only pet, and prefers a safe and secured fenced yard. Most importantly to him, he wants a family who will shower him with endless and unconditional love and attention and has the time to devote to him. If you feel you are a match, please complete an adoption application found on our website, then email us at to express your interest. Spanky is being fostered in Roswell, Georgia (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $250.