Jefferson City, Missouri

We rescued this poor 6 year old girl off the auction block and out of the puppy mill industry. Stella, formerly known as #234, has never been in a home, has never received a treat, has never slept on a bed, has never been to a vet, has never has received love, and has never been apart of a family. The only thing she knows in this world is neglect, suffering, filth, and reproductive abuse 💔 We sought out to change that for her and thrilled to give her the gift of rescue where we will do everything in our power to transform her to the healthiest, happiest girl she can be! By the time she is adoptable, you won’t even recognize the girl in this photo ✨

For those of you that are new here, yes, she was auctioned like livestock. Yes, she is wearing a number and chain around her neck. Yes, this really does happen, and yes, it is completely legal. When we have the capacity to bring in new dogs, we will place bids on puppy mill Cavaliers due to be auctioned in hopes of successfully securing them so we can give them at a second chance at the kind of life they deserve. Stella is one of the lucky ones 💜 We will of course keep you posted as we get her through intake vetting and settled into foster care.



  • Female
  • Age: 6 (DOB 11/26/2013)
  • 23# 
  • Luxating patellas, mild asymtomatic murmur (G1), otherwise healthy! 
  • Adoption Donation: $400


Last week sweet Stella, who we recently rescued off the auction block and out of the puppy mill industry, underwent her intake vetting with our furiends at Cape Small Animal Clinic. Stella will turn 7 years old next month and until now has received little to no care as her sole job was to produce puppies in a commercial breeding facility. Living in confinement all of her life, she has no muscle tone as she has had no opportunity for exercise or activity. At 23 pounds she is a few pounds overweight, but will shape and tone up so nicely now that she is eating high quality foods and can move about freely! She also has “loose knees” which may tighten up now that she has the opportunity to gain strength and stability.
We are treating her for terrible ear infections, dental disease, and a staph skin infection. Since all of her labwork was normal and negative, she underwent her much needed spay surgery and dental and is recovering and healing nicely. She will return to the vet next week for a recheck to ensure her infections have cleared. Her eyes are clear and congenitally sound while a very mild (grade 1) heart murmur was detected.
Medical is often the easiest part of treating our puppy mill dogs- while it is it typically only a matter of time before their ailments are effectively addressed and cleared, the long lasting emotional trauma of puppy mill life is not so quick and easy to “fix” (which I am sure you can see in her eyes). While Stella is timid and cautious about humans and this new world around her, she is also being very brave and curious and starting to learn that she is safe 💜 Sweet Stella is being fostered in Jefferson City, Missouri.