The Story of Jake

Like Jake's Bucket list


Jake was a typical puppy mill dog. He was denied much needed medical care his entire life so that when he was finally rescued after six long years of neglect and reproductive abuse, his condition was not curable. We sought out the best specialists and looked at evey possible option, but hospice care was all we could do for this sweet boy.  

Jake proved to be a strong little warrior. Cancer never slowed him down as he embraced every day with joy and a zest for life. While he was only given a short time to live when he came into our care,  we intended for it to be the best days of his life. Days turned into months, and eventually a year!  Jake enjoyed the holidays and loved to sit under the Christmas tree. He had a blast playing with friends at his birthday party in February, and stole the show at the Annual Mutt Strut one-mile fun run in April, to Benefit Hand In Paw. He completed his "bucket list" with the help from many who loved him. 

Jake's legacy will continue through puppy mill awareness efforts and his Jakey's Blankey program will continue to provide soft, snuggly blankeys to Cavaliers in need. This tiny guy touched many hearts and he will continue to do so.

Puppy mills need to be outlawed. No dog should endure what sweet Jake had experienced.

Rest in Peace Little Warrior

 Jake Wilk

Feb 21,2009 - Aug 5, 2016
Rescued July 11, 2015

From this 'adventure" we learned a lot about rescue, in a different light. It is more than just "taking in" dogs but also about education and prevention. We wish to end puppy mills, support reputable breeders, and teach others why it's important to support those efforts. We will make a difference. This event, and it's ripple effect, changed the lives of many dogs. It changed ours too. We will continue to speak for those that cannot speak.