Montgomery, Alabama                           


Sweetie & Murphy 



  • Sweetie: Female   Murphy; Male
  • Age: 6 (Sweetie DOB 5/1/2016  Murphy DOB 5/26/2016) 
  • Murphy 15#   Sweetie 15.5 # (needs to lose several)
  • Health TBA
  • Adoption Donation $TBA


While we just announced that 7 will soon be moving out, we just welcomed 2 in. Rescue is truly a never ending revolving door.
Sadly, bonded pair Sweetie & Murphy are being welcomed back in after their owner has suffered unexpected health issues making it impossible to continue their care. Sweetie (female) & Murphy (male) originally came through our care in October 2016 when we rescued them out of the puppy mill industry when they were just wee little sick underdeveloped pups. Now 6 years old, they are still just as bonded and sweet as they were then 💕 While we are sad about these circumstances, they’ve been welcomed back in with open arms and making sure they feel very safe and loved.
They underwent their intake vetting today and we will share their full medical update when we have all their labwork results in. Sweetie & Murphy are being fostered together in Montgomery, Alabama 💜

Our precious bonded pair 💕 Sweetie (F) & Murphy (M), who turn 7 years old in May, recently underwent their intake vetting. All of their labwork including their fecal tests, heartworm and tick borne illness tests, urinalysis, and bloodwork were all normal and negative. They are already spayed, neutered, microchipped, and underwent dentals last year - Sweetie does not have any teeth left and Murphy has some remaining which are still in good shape. We brought them up to date on vaccinations and gave them a thorough physical exam.
Murphy (top) is at his ideal weight at 15 pounds, and Sweetie (bottom) is overweight at 15.5 pounds as she is smaller in size and should be closer to 12 pounds. We have started her on a weight management food and will be rechecking her weight next week. Sweetie has luxating patellas (loose knees) which don’t give her any trouble but we certainly don’t want any extra weight on them. Murphy’s knees are clear and both Murphy and Sweetie’s eyes and hips are clear as well. Sweetie has a very mild, barely detectable heart murmur, while Murphy’s is louder. A detectable heart murmur is to be expected for Cavaliers of their age due to mitral valve disease (MVD), which of course plagues the breed.
Overall, these two babies are in great shape and do not need any treatment. We will soon be working with their foster family to list them for adoption. Sweetie & Murphy are a bonded pair and are being fostered in Montgomery, Alabama 💜