• Male
  • Age 9 weeks (DOB 11/8/2020)
  • 4# 
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption donation $650


Birmingham, Alabama

🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard, preferred
πŸ’œ Older, gentle children okay
🏑 Low alone hours/plenty of opportunity for activity
🐢 Canine playmate, preferred

🚩 Before applying to adopt, please be sure that the entire family is on board and committed, and that great consideration is given to the time, effort, and funds involved in properly and responsibly raising a puppy.

Sylvester (DOB 11/8/2020) came to us as a breeder release when he was almost a month old. He was a sick puppy who was failing to thrive and the breeder did not wish to take care of his medical needs. He arrived into our care severely malnourished and in a critical state, and was evaluated by our vet immediately. We started treatment for his severe case of coccidia and started bottle feeding around the clock to make sure he was getting all of the nutrients he needed.
Sylvester made quite a big turn around and thrived in our care! Per his 8 week old vet recheck on January 5th, he was deemed a healthy puppy and congenitally sound with clear eyes, hips, knees and hips. He clocked in at a healthy and pudgy 4 pounds. His fecal test was negative and he received his first distemper/parvo vaccination. He will have his next vet check on January 25th where he will be microchipped, start on monthly preventatives, and receive his second distemper/parvo vaccination. Sylvester will be due for his third and last distemper / parvo vaccination on February 15th, and due for his rabies vaccine at 6 months of age (May 8th). He will need to be neutered when age appropriate - at this time he only has one descended testicle but the other can drop at any time.

Sylvester has the softest, most kissable marshmallow cheeks. He is a blenheim with unique markings and an already thick, wavy fur coat. His cute little nose is still turning black. Sylvester is a super sweet, loving, and playful little puppy who enjoys wrestling with his foster sister, playing with toys, as well as getting and giving snuggles and cuddles. He is a very laid back and passive puppy who is used to his bossy littermate sister stealing his toys. He just finds another and carries on.

Sylvester uses a washable piddle pad in his β€œpen”, but his new family will need to work on teaching him to potty outside. Puppies have very tiny bladders and need to be taken out frequently - first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every couple of hours throughout the day including right after meals and immediately after waking up from naps, to ensure potty training success. Please know that there will be accidents and that continued potty training, for many many months, will be needed. Additionally, puppies need a lot of stimulation, attention, engagement, and activity, so we are looking for a family with an adult who can be home most of the day to allow for plenty of opportunity for activity, socialization, and for potty training purposes as well.

 Sylvester is not yet leash trained, so a contained area (like an x-pen) in a well maintained yard is needed for his safety until he is leash trained and can safely be exposed to more and more space and freedom. In addition to an appropriate and safe outdoor area for pottying and play, we will also be looking for a very "puppy proofed" home as puppies will be puppies and will get into everything they can. Anything within reach of the pup is up for grabs and so ensuring that the yard and inside of the home can and will be well maintained for his safety is imperative. Please know that supplies like x-pens and baby gates will be needed and required for Sylvester's safety and protection.Because he is a baby puppy, he can easily fit through gaps, holes, or under and between things that could be dangerous, so careful supervision and extra diligence is needed to make sure he is safe at all times.

We feel Sylvester would very much enjoy the companionship of another young, active, playful dog in the home who will be welcoming and tolerant of typical puppy antics. Because he is a little guy, he will need a lot of supervision to ensure playtime is not too rough. Having a playmate will keep him engaged and busy which means less time for trouble! We feel Sylvester could be happy as on only pup, but only IF he has an active family who will give him a lot of attention, is home most all of the time, and will include him in all of their adventures. We also feel he would do well in a home with children old enough to know how to handle and engage with him appropriately and gently as well as understand the importance of keeping their belongings 'put up' and out of puppy reach. Sylvester would do well in an active family, but not a busy family who would lack the time it takes to devote to him. 

We are thrilled that Sylvester is now healthy and thriving and ready to find his forever home. He will bring so much love, affection and life to a family that will embrace all he has to offer. If you meet his requirements, are ready for all the joys and challenges of puppyhood, and have the patience, endless love, and guidance he needs to thrive, please complete an adoption application found on our website, and then email us at to express your interest. Sylvester is located in Birmingham, Alabama (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $650. Assuming all goes well with his next vet check on January 25th (which we expect), he will be ready to go home after, so please only apply if you are prepared to travel and adopt at that time.