• Female
  • Age: 5 (DOB 2/19/14)
  • 28#  (needs to shed several)
  • Dye eyes, MVD, Luxating patellas
  • Adoption Donations :$TBD


  Dallas, Texas

Our sweet new girl Tally visited with our furbulous Dallas area vet partners, HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation, for her intake vetting. Tally is approximately 5 years old and just recently weaned a litter before she was being retired from breeding. It is apparent from her physical condition that she is way past due on some much needed TLC and that her care has obviously been neglected.

In addition to medical issues stemming from neglect, Tally has three of the classic Cavalier congenital issues going on - dry eye, mitral valve disease, and bilateral luxating patellas. Sadly, this means not only she suffers with these medical issues, but that she likely passed these on down to all of her offspring. Responsible breeders check for and clear their breeding dogs of these issues, and more, before deciding to breed them. As a result of the dry eye condition being neglected for so many years, Tally has developed secondary changes to her eyes including secondary infection and corneal pigmentary keratitis with scarring and some vision loss. Therefore, we have started Tally on our dry eye protocol and treatment to dissolve the pigment and restore her vision loss. It can take some time for the eyes to respond to this treatment, so until she is producing an adequate amount of tears, we are of course supplementing with artificial tears around the clock for comfort.

Tally is quite overweight at 28 pounds. Likely being restricted to confinement, she has not had the opportunity for any exercise and activity. She needs to lose 8-10 pounds and has started our weight management plan. The extra weight is no good for those bad knees and it is imperative that we get it off. We may find that once the weight is off and once she builds some strength and stability that the knees may tighten up some. We will certainly be able to better assess them at that time.

Tally also has severe ear infections and a urinary tract infection which we are treating as well as advanced dental disease. In two weeks she will head back in for a recheck of her weight, her ears, tears, and urine, and to undergo her much needed spay and dental.

Tally arrived stained and filthy but has since had a spa day and had much of the stained fur trimmed back. She is a absolutely darling girl with the most smooch-able marshmallow cheeks. We are very much looking forward to getting her trimmed down and looking and feeling much better! We feel she is going to have a really lovely transformation 💕