Tazzy, affectionately called ‘Puppy’ by his mommy, was born in Australia with his AKC call name ‘Shantyhill Camdon’.  At 6 months of age, he came to live with his furever family in Hawaii, Patti and Randall, growing up with Cookie (tuxedo cat), Sasha (Persian cat), 3 bunnies, and Abby (ginger cat) joined in later.  As a handsome Cavalier, he had a smiley face, big beautiful brown eyes, fluffy ears, and a happy playful energetic friendly personality. 


Tazzy was smart, observant and in tune with his family.  He knew just by watching type of clothes Patti was putting on whether he would be going along, and of course he was always up for any outings at a moment’s notice.  It amazed Patti that no matter how quiet she tried to open the freezer for ice cream, Tazzy would be right there to share her tasty treats, even when she was certain he was sleeping.  And of course, he knew how to get his way begging with his big brown eyes which Patti always gave in --- how could she not!  He even trained his mommy to feed him by hand or by spoon sometimes.


In his younger days, Tazzy loved to play ball, with his favorite stuffed monkey, and would go running each weekend.  He enjoyed going on walks, car and bike rides, parks, local Cavies club meet ups, visiting grandpa/ma, and shopping where he stopped to greet every dog and person.  One of his favorite stores was Target, there he would ride in a shopping cart that goes up/down the cart escalator.  Tazzy was Patti’s special heart dog who was by her side through life, giving her so much joy and love.  He also comforted grandma when she was ill and helped Patti through most difficult time of losing both parents. 


Tazzy’s family knew how blessed they were to have his love for 14 years 10 months and 3 days (11.10.2006 – 8.13.2021), especially many good healthy years up to the final year.  Though heart broken, Patti felt fortunate that while Tazzy suffered from the dreaded MVD, his heart disease was under control, even as his kidney started to fail in addition to GI track, gall bladder and liver problems.  Being such a good boy, Tazzy never complained about all the meds, shots, syringes, and supplements.  Patti was grateful to have the final 2 weeks at home to care for him.  On his last day, he caught pneumonia and possibly a liver infection that was too much for his little body.  He was a brave warrior until the end, when he peacefully crossed over the rainbow bridge in Patti’s arms and under Randall’s loving gaze, after the Lord’s prayer was said. 

Run free Tazzy Puppy, and be happy with Cookie, Sasha, the bunnies, grandpa, and grandma in Heaven.  Until we are together again, we will hold all the happy good memories close to our hearts.

Mommy and daddy love and miss you very much . 



11/10/2006 - 8/13/2021

In honor of Tazzy, your generous donation to support Cavaliers rescued in need of medical care and procedures will be appreciated. Mahalo and Aloha. May God bless you all.


Tazzy's Fund