• Female
  • Age: ~8
  • 16.8#
  • Recovering from knee surgery
  • Adoption Donaiton: $300


  Birmingham, Alabama

A Good Samaritan in Montgomery, Alabama found this poor baby in the freezing cold in the middle of the road. They have housed her this week while seeking owners but no one has come forth. So today we took possession of this sweet girl who we are calling Tinsley 💜 so she can get some much needed TLC and treatment as we searched for family. She was evaluated by our vet so we can be sure we could tend to all her medical needs. She is extremely underweight and was infested with fleas. She has severe flea dermatitis and secondary skin infections as a result. She also appears to have dry eye and possibly a secondary eye infection. These issues do not happen overnight! She needs a lot of love and care right now and she’s in the perfect place for that.
Last month sweet Tinsley met with our orthopedic surgeon to discuss her several orthopedic issues and if she was a candidate for any corrective surgery. There we learned that poor Miss Tinsley’s hips were too bad and too far gone to operate on, but that knee surgery was indeed recommended for her. While she showed no signs of pain or discomfort nor had any mobility issues, our surgeon warned us that the only stability she currently had was with her CCL and once that blows, her mobility and therefore quality of life, will suffer greatly. Tinsley is a very active, enthusiastic girl on the move so we decided that moving forward with surgery was the best way for us to ensure she had great, quality, active years ahead of her.
On January 17th, sweet Tinsley underwent a right leg Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) and patella stabilization surgery. Sure enough, her ACL was indeed starting to tear, and was repaired as well. Tinsley did well with the surgery and was able to be discharged on Friday and is now resting and recovering. She will return in 10 days for a recheck. She has 6 weeks of confined recovery ahead of her, then rehabilitation, and then she will be back to her wiggle butt, moving and shaking, on the go, silly self!
We’re so thankful for your support so that our deserving, sweet babies can get all the help they need 💜 We will be sure to keep you posted as Tinsley continues to recover.
UPDATE January 31st: Sweet and silly Tinsley had her 2 week post op knee repair recheck at Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham this afternoon. Her orthopedic surgeon gave her two thumbs up, and said she is doing outstanding 💜 Her incision is all healed up and she is starting to touch down more and more weight on her foot. She is feeling so good and doing so well that the thing we have to be most careful about is her not overdoing it - Tinsley is a mover and shaker and is ready to be on the go 💨 She has 4 more weeks of “recovery” and will come back in for a recheck and hopefully clearance at that time. She will be back chasing squirrels in no time!