• Female
  • Age: ~8
  • 14#
  • Seeking Owners


  Birmingham, Alabama

On Tuesday a Good Samaritan in Montgomery, Alabama found this poor baby in the freezing cold in the middle of the road. They have housed her this week while seeking owners but no one has come forth. So today we took possession of this sweet girl who we are calling Tinsley 💜 so she can get some much needed TLC and treatment while we continue to do our due diligence to locate her family. She will head our vet in about an hour for a full evaluation so we can be sure we know of and can tend to all her medical needs. She is extremely underweight and was infested with fleas. She has severe flea dermatitis and secondary skin infections as a result. She also appears to have dry eye and possibly a secondary eye infection. These issues do not happen overnight! She needs a lot of love and care right now and she’s in the perfect place for that.

Should you know this dog or her owners, please do let us know - CavalierRescueAL@gmail.com