• Male
  • Age: TBA
  • 12# (goal weight TBA)
  • Health - TBA
  • Found STRAY - Seeking his Family


  Wanut Hill, California

Meet Toby! Toby was found abandoned in a house and living in squalor (see top photo). We were able to secure him over the weekend and has since had a much needed bath, manicure, and grooming. We was found with no identification and an unregistered chip that led us nowhere and its apparent he hasn’t received even the most basic of care for quite some time. We obviously don’t know much about him yet, but he will be seeing a partnering veterinarian this week. Toby is located in Walnut Creek, California.

UPDATE  11/20/2019:

Toby in Walnut Creek, California poppin’ in! As you can see his incredibly long nails have been trimmed back and unfortunately his ears had to be shaved due to extreme matting. He has an appointment Friday morning with our pawtnering vet 🐾 in the area for his full intake vetting where we will begin to learn more about him and his needs and address his medical issues. Look out for his medical pupdate soon 💜