• Female
  • Age 6 (DOB 5/31/2014)
  • 8.3# 
  • Health: Luxating patellas, corneal scar, otherwise          healthy 
  • Adoption donation $TBA


  Birmingham, Alabama

Meet Tallulah 💕

6 year old Tallulah (DOB 5/31/2014) was retired from breeding and released into our care. Like Kate, Tallulah has obvious medical needs that have been neglected.
She has eye inflammation and irritation but thankfully her tear test was within normal range. Her left eye does have what we believe to be a ruptured corneal ulcer. We think this is very old and probably not much we can do but we are still going to attempt to “heal” it. She has limited vision in this eye due to the rupture.
While Tallulah’s heart is clear, she does have grade 3 bilateral luxating patellas meaning that her knees are “loose” and luxating out of place. They can be reduced back into place but luxate back out. At this time they don’t seem to be giving her any trouble but we will be assessing them further in foster care. We have started her on a daily joint supplement and hope that her knees may actually improve now that she has opportunity for strengthening and stabilization through everyday activity and exercise.
We are also treating her for bad ear infections and advanced dental disease. Because her bloodwork was normal, she underwent her spay and dental on Tuesday where she lost 7 bad teeth.
Tallulah is a tiny little thing at just 9 pounds. Her hind end skin and coat are in poor shape likely due to a flea infestation/flea allergy and poor living conditions. There is no current infection and it will just take time for new hair growth. We’ve added a supplement to her diet to help promote that.
Little Tallulah is now resting and recovering in her foster home in Birmingham, Alabama. She’ll return to the vet in a couple weeks to check on her healing 💜

UPDATE MARCH 18, 2021: Little Tallulah is 2 weeks out from her intake vetting and surgery so returned to @caldwellmillanimalclinic yesterday for a recheck. 6 year old Tallulah has healed well from her spay and dental. While her ears are much improved, there is still some lingering infection so they are being retreated. She will soon see our ophthalmologist so we can learn more about her eyes. While she is seeing well, she definitely has some sort of chronic eye disease(s) that are affecting her cornea. There is evidence of scarring, what looks to be an old ruptured ulcer, as well as a new ulcer forming. We are eager to learn more and get her corneas in better health. Clocking in at just 8.3 pounds, she’s just a tiny thing but we are starting to see her big personality come out 💜 Tallulah is being fostered in Birmingham, Alabama and we will be sure to share more from her ophthalmology consult.

UPDATE APRIL 9, 2021: Tully ( had her consultation where we learned more about her eyes - her tear production is within normal limits but she does have a lot of pigment and also granulation tissue that has formed on her left eye, both which are negatively affecting her vision. She has started on medication to help breakup the pigment and clear the corneas. If the left eye doesn’t improve with medication, she’ll need to undergo a keratectomy procedure which is basically a debridement of the cornea and removal of the abnormal layers and granulation tissue that has formed. We will know if we need to take that step after her next recheck.