• Female
  • Age: 9   (DOB 5/24/2010)
  • 18.5#
  • Left luxating patella, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $350


  Birmingham, Alabamaa

Welcome in, Veronica! We rescued sweet Veronica off the auction block in October 2016 and placed her soon after. Veronica has been well loved and well cared for but due to unforeseen circumstances her family can no longer continue her care.

One of the many insurances that the Cavaliers that come through our program have is that if for any reason, and if at any time, their adopting family can no longer care for them that they are welcomed back into our care and immediately back into an experienced, wonderful foster family. Of course when we place a Cavalier we hope it is for furever, and only a few Cavaliers have found themselves needing to come back into our care, but as we all know life can throw some curveballs and unforeseen and difficult circumstances can arise.

Veronica had a fantastic wellness vet check. She is already up to date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Her heartworm and tick borne illness test was negative, as was her fecal test. Her bloodwork and urinalysis were both normal as well.

At age 9 her heart is still clear (YAY!) and her eyes and hips are clear and in great shape. She does have a luxating patella but she is not arthritic and it does not give her any trouble. We do have her on a daily joint supplement chew to help support her joint health as she continues to age. She has a bit of tartar buildup on her teeth so she will be undergoing a dental cleaning later this week. Then she will be as good as new ✔️

Veronica is typical in size at 18 pounds and has a beautiful full, silky Black and Tan coat. She is a gorgeous girl with the sweetest little personality. She has transitioned and settled into her foster home, in Birmingham, Alabama, very well 💜