Vin Diesel


  • Male
  • Age:  8  (DOB 10/15/2011)
  • 22#
  • Hospice Placement


  Alpharettta, Georgia


UPDATE FEB 22, 2020; In August 2018 Vinny came into our care. Sadly, at just 6 years old he was already in heart failure and so we welcomed him into our hospice program. Thankfully, Vinny has responded beautifully to his heart medications and wonderful care - so well that now 1.5 years later his mouth became his biggest source of discomfort and the dental disease and infection became an issue that we would need to address.

After his last echocardiogram showed he was “stable” we knew that now was the time! Mitral valve disease is a progressive and unpredictable disease and we know that at any time things can take a turn for the worse. So with all precautions in place, last week Vinny underwent his much needed dental where all but 2 of his teeth required extraction. With the diseased teeth now gone and infection clear, Vinny is feeling better than ever!

The comfort and quality of life of our hospice dogs is of the utmost importance. We are thrilled that this is behind Vinny and that he can enjoy more pain free days ... every day is a gift 💜






UPDATE JULY 20, 2020; Today is a monumental day! VinDiesel has been with rescue almost 2 years!!!! He just saw the cardiologist for his echo and is extremely stable!!!! This from the little guy we didn’t think would make it through the weekend. I don’t have the full report yet but the news is great. No medication changes, just continue to live that amazing life!!! Well, it includes lots of naps too!