• Male
  • Age 10  (8/24/2010)
  • 21# 
  • Heart murmur (cardiac eval pending) KCS, Eye Surgery pending, Dental pending
  • Adoption donation $TBA


  Birmingham, Alabama

 Ta-Da 💫 And just like that, Watson can see!

Give us 1 day, and see what we can do! 🙌🏼

 We have more work to do...


Meet Watson! Watson is 1 of the 4 Cavaliers that we took in from the Charlotte, North Carolina hoarding situation. Earlier this week Watson underwent his intake vetting and ophthalmology consult and he is already well on his way to a major transformation 💫
We don’t know how old Watson is and it is hard to “age” because of the severe neglect but at this time our best guess is around 10 years old. We understand he was flea infested and as a result has major hair loss, thickened skin, and is suffering from secondary skin infection. We are also treating him for bad ear infections.
Sadly, his eyes are a mess - he is suffering with dry eye, hypermature cataracts, luxating lens, and glaucoma. His left eye is too far gone and cannot be helped, so it will need to be removed. We are working on improving his right eye though and waiting to see how it responds to medication. While he didn’t have any vision when he arrived, since we have been able to effectively lower his pressure and manage his glaucoma in his right eye thus far, a small amount of vision has returned! He has an ophthalmologist recheck on the 19th where we will proceed with scheduling his left eye removal and decide at that time if anything surgically needs to be done with the right eye.
Lastly, a significant heart murmur was detected and so he will visit with our veterinary cardiologist for a full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram so we can learn more about the structure and function of his heart, if he needs heart medications, and what precautions need to be taken ahead of his eye surgery. He also needs a dental and after learning more about his heart health we will need to prioritize his “under anesthesia” needs and see if we are able to tackle it all.
Despite all of Watson’s issues, he is in wonderful spirits and is such a happy, spirited boy! He has just enough vision right now to be able to make last minute adjustments when he is navigating and he seems to be enjoying exploring around. He is also loving the big bed and even puts himself up there for naps 💤 And he is soaking up every bit of love and affection that he is getting 💕 Watson is being fostered in Birmingham, Alabama.


 UPDATE JANUARY 12, 2021: #TransformationTuesday goes to this little 🍑 Watson’s bum definitely got a glow up ✨ Check out the BIG difference between October when he arrived and January 🙌🏼 Shake those tail feathers Watson 💜