Atlanta, Georgia

Adorable 8 year old Willie came to us as a breeder release/retiree and was found to have a significant heart murmur. He ha s since undergone his full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram at Missouri University 🩺 Willie, like so many adult Cavaliers, has mitral valve disease (MVD) which occurs when their mitral valve becomes insufficient. The mitral valve should be a “one way door” 🚪 but when it is insufficient it doesn’t shut all the way, allowing the back flow of blood which can cause damage and enlargement to the heart.

After his full cardiac assessment, Willie was found to be in Stage B2 meaning that there is indeed evidence of heart enlargement due to the faulty valve, but no signs of heart failure. At this stage, heart medications are recommended to help prevent further damage to the heart and help slow down the progression of disease.



      St. Louis, Missouri

  • Male
  • Age  8  (DOB 6/1/2013)
  • 16.8#
  • Neuter Surgery November 18th
  • Adoption donation $TBA


UPDATE NOVEMBER 13, 2021: Willie returned to the vet for his recheck and his labwork is good meaning he is toleraitng his heart meds well and we can proceed with his neuter surgery. He will have surgery on the 18th.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 22, 2021:Last week Brave Willie 💪🏼 underwent his neuter at University of Missouri. The procedure was higher risk due to his advanced heart disease but with the necessary anesthesia precautions and around the clock monitoring, Willie did perfect and had a routine surgery and recovery 🙌🏼 We are happy to have this behind him and he’s now back in his foster home resting and recovering ❤️‍🩹 He will return to the vet next week for a post-op recheck to ensure everything has healed nicely ✔️