• Male
  • Age:  10 (DOB 9/29/2009)
  • 22.4# (goal weight 19-20#)
  • MVD managed with daily meds, otherwise healthy
  • Adoption donation $250


  Alpharetta, Georgia

Welcome in, Woodie! 6 months ago Woodie was in our care and was adopted out. Due to absolutely no fault of his own, he is back in our care. He is just as handsome and sweet as we remember and he has made himself right back at home with us. 9 year old Woodie was of course fully vetted with us 6 months ago and already up to date, microchipped, and neutered, but he will swing by our partnering vet tomorrow for a physical exam and some labwork to make sure nothing has changed. Woodie is being fostered in Alpharetta, Georgia 💜

When we place one of our Cavaliers we certainly hope that it is for forever, and it is rare that we have a Cavalier needing to come back into our care. That said, we are committed to our Cavaliers for life and while it can be upsetting to have a Cavalier needing to come back in to rescue, we are able to best ensure their safety, welfare, and wellbeing. Rest assured, they are welcomed back into loving arms 💕

UPDATE March 3, 2020: Earlier this week we welcomed in darling 10 year old Woodie (DOB 9/20/2009). Woodie is already up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and neutered. He stopped by our vet for a thorough physical exam and labwork. His fecal test was negative, urinalysis was normal, heartworm and tick borne illness test was negative, and bloodwork was normal. His eyes, knees, and hips are clear and in great shape for his age! He does have a significant heart murmur and had a recent echocardiogram 3 months ago which revealed moderate mitral valve insufficiency with slight changes to the heart’s structure (mild left atrial enlargement only). Woodie was started on 2 medications to help slow down any further progression of the mitral valve disease (MVD), and he will remain on these medications for life.

Yesterday, Woodie underwent a dental cleaning (no extractions needed), and today he heads over to Georgia to get settled into his foster home. Woodie is such a sweetheart - he is very much a “textbook Cavalier”... friendly, loving, affectionate, needy.
Woodie also struggles with anxiety and we will be working with him on creating routines, and habits to help reduce uncertainty and anxiety for him. We will also be implementing mental and physical stimulation and exercise as well as confidence building activities to help combat the anxiety. He needs a lot of reassurance, reinforcement, patience, and love especially during times of transition. We are committed to finding ways to best support Woodie and manage both his physical and psychological needs 💜